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Gossip Girl Final Season Arrives - Prom Dress Review

27dress 2012-11-01

Speaking of the American TV series which have accompanied us growing up in recent years, Gossip Girl, as one of the most popular dramas, definitely cannot be ignored. This year, when it has met the season 6, it is time for fans to say goodbye to this this old friend. Maybe you are worried about the plots which will not go with your wishes; maybe you are curious about the relationship between leading characters will become even more complicated than ever before; or maybe you are expecting to see more fashion dresses or chic clothing of these beauties. Whatever, during the wave of the final season, let's have a brief review of top 5 prom dress in previous seasons of Gossip Girl.


·Prom dress in Season 1

In the first season, undoubtedly, the best screen couple must be Serena and Dan, so Serena's prom dress which has gained huge popularities is going to be talked at the beginning. Among a wide variety of prom dress collections for her, fans have voted for a best type and one of my favorite picks, which is this yellow Zac Posen. With that prom dress, there is no denying that she looks so effortless and gorgeous.


·Prom dress in Season 2

As one of the most vital roles in Gossip Girl, Blair became increasingly popular after season 2 and her unique personality won many males' heart. Regardless of the well-known brands of her prom dresses shown in the whole drama, it has to be admitted that, at that time, strapless and ball design are Blair's major style, which absolutely created a stire in fashion world, pursured by millions of females.


·Prom dress in Season 3

Till season 3, it is time to talk about Little J. As a teenage, at that time, Poor Jenny wanted to be a girl just like Serena and Blair, but finally failed. Yet, we cannot deny that her changes during the last three seasons saw her dressing-up alternations gradually, from a countryside girl to a modern fashion lady. And her particular prom dress featuring short style with simple design yet lots of decorations also win lots of fans' preference.


·Prom dress in Season 4

Well, when Gossip Girl wen to Season 4, Lily can be the "Queen", except the Queen B. After the long story with Rufus, what fans expected happened in this Season. In terms of the prom dress of Lily, to a very large extent, she is a good illustration of elegance and charming with her fabulous prom dress. Differ from other girls, the mature lady give us a sense of solemn, but not out-of-date, column style is her favorite, so are her fans.


·Prom dress in Season 5

When it comes to prom dress in season 5, most of people would turn their eyes on Blair, who became a princess in that season, but finally divorced with the prince. Although the story seems a little sad, plenty of "Clairs" who want Chuck and Blair be together are extremely happy actually. Whatever, admittedly, the prom dress for Blair in season 5 really didn't let fans down, giving us some fresh air in terms of this show. Besides, we all witnessed a girl has grown up into a mature lady, and a bride.


As for season 6, you may have loads of imagination or expectation about the plots or prom dress, take you time, they are all on the way to us.




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