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Miss World 2013 Crowned Megan Young with Amazing Pink Dress

27DRESS 2013-10-11

Well, talking about the Miss World 2013, we will never miss the result of it.  This year, at Sept. 28, the champion was aired, Miss Philippines contestant Megan Young was crowned Miss World 2013 in Bali.  She is the first Miss World winner from the Philippines, Miss France Marine Lorphelin placed second.  Miss Ghana Carranzar Naa Okailey Shooter placed third.  Let’s applaud for them, congratulations! Nobody in the world love beauty will miss the dress news of Miss World Pageant.
And in Miss World 2013, all contestants need to use one piece of swimsuit plus traditional sarong from the belly and below as a compromise with local culture to take part in the pageant.  Take a look at some of the best photos from the 2013 pageant from 27dress.com
How Megan Young dresses in the Miss World Pageant? Let’s have a look.  She crowned wear a pink mermaid dress with a long tail, where the beadings spread almost the whole body, and the material of the dress is tull which make the dress more charming.  She was just a beauty in such gorgeous dress.
Megan Young Miss World 2013Megan Young Miss World 2013
Although Patricia lae Ejercitado did not enter the top, her dress is no less than stunning. The dress in question had been approved by the Miss World organisers and was described by Valerie’s personal designer as one of its kind.  Ms Erma Olierhoek described the dress as “a pale yellow dress made from premium silk material and embedded with payet & Swarovski Crystals, with a waistband to flatter Valerie’s silhouette.
Miss World 2013 Mejores Trajes De Gala Miss World 2013 Indonesia
Other dresses of the Miss World are glamorous too, wanna more details? Check our new arrival Miss World 2013 dresses.  You will be shocked by the dresses.

 Miss World 2013Miss World 2013Miss World 2013

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