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27dress 2015-08-27

I am a student from South Africa. In my world, the only thing I know is studying. I never went to other place. I always purchase my clothes in the local store. In other people’s eyes, I am a good baby. I know nothing about the outside. In many times, I also feel confused about the new things.


  Once my classmate told me, we can purchase the dress from the website. In that, we can buy our dresses at home. We don’t need to go to the street. I feel surprised about that. Meanwhile, I am very interested in the new things. So I buy one cocktail dress from one website, it is 27dress.com. We found it from the Google. But I am not happy with this online shopping. When I got the dress, it was so small. I can’t wear that. I am so angry and upset. So I email to them and told them I am very angry. I need return. That is too terrible.

short homecoming dress


  When I contact with them, their attitude make me angrier. They always told me they didn’t make the wrong dress. It all according to my own measurement. That’s unbelievable. So I went to the local store to measure my size. They told me the right size. At that situation, I feel abashed . Because I filled the wrong size. But how about my cocktail dress? That’s my first online shopping. I feel sad. I don’t know what I should do. At that time, I choose to chat with them. Is there any ways to solve this problem? And they told me, I have two choices. One, I can choose send this cocktail dress back, they will help me to make alteration. Two, I can keep it and order another dress with a discount price. I accept the second one.  I send my picture with the dress also, it is really pretty!


 I'm happy in the end, but i feel sorry for my former attitude. So I write this article to express my apology. And I want to tell other people, is you want to buy dresses from the website, you need to make sure your size. That is really important.

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